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Neurons and Exercise

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Silicade Frequently asked questions

      Frequently asked questions about making Silicade 


1.     Can I use RO, distilled water instead of tap water to make Silicade?


Yes you can.  However, these waters do not have minerals so you should add calcium and magnesium.  Directions for this at the end of the recipe.


2.     Can I heat the sodium silicate solution to boiling stovetop instead of using a microwave? 


Yes.  You can use a small stainless steel/glass pan and boil the solution stovetop.


3.     Do I have to use a Brita filter in the recipe or can use the filter I already own?


You must use the Brita filter.  The Brita filter removes more than 90% of aluminum, lead and mercury but does not remove the OSA (which is the form of silica in Silicade). Some water filters made by other manufacturers add aluminum to the water.  Some filters remove OSA.   


4.     I am using RO water do I still need to use a Brita filter?


Yes. There are impurities in the ingredients and the Brita will remove these impurities.


5.     My water tastes funny?


Check the pH of the Silicade you made.  Everyone’s taste buds are different.  You want the water to be between 6.5 to 8.5.  At the lower end water is acidic and at the upper end the water is basic.  Adjust the pH with the baking soda for your taste.


6.     I see crystals after I boil the sodium silicate solution, should I boil longer?


No.  What you are seeing is 0.5% water insoluble impurities in the sodium silicate.


7.     Can I use another vendor/manufacture for purchasing the sodium silicate?


No.  Many other forms of sodium silicate from other vendors have been tested and do not have the required amount of OSA to make the recipe.


8.     I cannot get the ingredients in my country ? 


Here is a company which gives you an address in the US.

How much Silicade can I make with the 2 pounds of sodium silicate ?  

The 2 pounds of sodium silicate will make 1,1511 gallons. This is 6,044 days per person of silica water (4 cups a day).  You will need 9- 4 ounce bottles of sodium bisulfate to make this amount of Silicade.  

9.      Can I make a concentrated form of Silicade ?   No. OSA over 200 ppm is unstable. resulting in polymeric OSA. 


10.  Can I use metasilicate instead of sodium silicate?  No.  Metailicate is a polymere of silica which can not be readily converted into OSA. 


11.   Can I store Silicade and for how long?  Yes.  Don’t store in direct sunlight. Silicade is stable for more than a month and is probably stable much longer. 


12.   Can I double the recipe?  Yes. 

Here is a link to the Recipe for making Silicade